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The Future

It is essential to keep your clients informed about the reconstruction of your practice.  Your old clients must feel comfortable that they will continue to work with their existing team of lawyers and receive the same high standard of service and care. Professional assistance is given to the former equity partners on the best ways to advise clients of the restructuring.

Lawyers Inc. provides a Client Liaison Officer to specifically ensure that any client queries can be dealt with in a positive and expeditious manner.

The Consultancy Agreement makes clear, in the unlikely event that you choose to terminate the Agreement, you would still have access to your original client base in order that they can elect to revert back as your clients.

  • After the commencement date, a further meeting is held to discuss how we can help expand your Pod. 
  • The Internal Agreement is designed to be flexible to anticipate Consultants retiring, receiving annuities from the Pod and junior lawyers becoming Consultants within the Pod. This has the advantage of providing structure and security to each Consultant’s exit strategy and each associate fee-earners personal aspirations.

Maintaining Your Firms Name

‘Our aim is that each Pod continues to flourish utilising the goodwill it has loyally and locally built-up which is why we encourage the Pods to continue to use their previous name, ie. ABC and Co., becomes ABC and Co, part of Lawyers Inc.’

Your Clients

  • Prior to the commencement date, members of our PR, Marketing and Virtual Team meet each proposed Consultant to ensure a fresh website is up and running from day one.

Personal Support Lawyers

A Brand new concept to help lawyers practise

At Lawyers Inc. you are allocated a Personal Support Lawyer (PSL) who is a specialist solicitor in your field of law and will be available at any time for support and advice.

Your PSL will be in regular contact in person, by telephone, email or Skype in order to ensure that files are up-to-date and all requirements of the SRA Rules and client demands are being met.

Personal Support Lawyers

Working with Lawyers Inc. automatically entitles you to the following services utilising our 75-strong support team including: 

  • Triple A rated Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Online precedents and legal database
  • Cyber compliant IT systems
  • Accountancy services
  • File management systems
  • Secretarial support
  • Reception support
  • Telecommunications
  • COLP/COFA Management
  • PR, marketing services and virtual media support
  • Invoicing and credit control
  • Personal Support Lawyers

In addition, every lawyer is assigned a Personal Support Lawyer (PSL), who is there to monitor progress, provide access to specialist help when required, provide second opinions and act as a backup when needed.

Information technology
Lawyers Inc. provides a paperless office system using the latest “In the Cloud” technology together with outsourced accountancy services and case management, for which you will receive comprehensive training.  Innovative software preserves total client confidentiality through password protection, encryption of emails and documents, remote wiping of data contained on computers, tablets, laptops and mobile phones – as well as the use of secure telephone networks.

Online precedents
All Lawyers Inc. legal personnel have access to the very latest programmes, including:

  • Practical Law
  • Lawtel
  • Ochresoft