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Ten Reasons To Join Lawyers Inc.

If you are a law firm or department or sole practitioner for whom running the business has taken over too much of your time, or you have concerns about succession, re-insurance, administration or finance, perhaps we should be talking.

  1. Our innovative Business Model enables a law firm to be restructured, and for financial, re-insurance, and administration headaches to be abandoned – allowing lawyers to concentrate on meeting the needs of their clients and generating fees, with no financial pressures or regulatory and compliance demands.
  2. Retain your firms trading name and your personal independence to maintain the confidence your clients currently enjoy with your firm.
  3. You can substantially increase your net income (retaining up to 80% of fees generated).
  4. Succession issues are solved with our business model. You can create a stable and attractive career path for any talented junior lawyers currently working with you.
  5. With the help of our virtual marketing team, PR specialist and IT business developers, our unique structure enables you to easily expand the client base.
  6. Our lawyers have the resources and support of an outsourced team of some 75 people – including other lawyers, a professional team of bankers, regulatory experts, insurance experts, administration and accountancy support, business, marketing and PR specialists and an IT team.
  7. From a clients’ perspective, it’s a win-win situation: you have more time to communicate with your client and your client will be offered a myriad of services they wouldn’t normally receive (for further details please see our legal specialisms).
  8. You can get back to practising law, secure your future and achieve your ideal work-life balance.
  9. On joining you are assigned a Personal Support Lawyer (PSL), whom you can access at any time. Your PSL will be fully conversant with your case load and is there to provide ongoing support to you.
  10. Lawyers Inc provides an exit strategy derived from your client income stream even after you have retired.
‘Since joining Lawyers Inc. our lawyers have seen an average increase of 48% in their previous net earnings’