David Tucker Lawyers Inc Director

David Tucker


  • Lawyer, Qualified 1988
  • Consultant, Tuckers Solicitors 1988 – 2013
  • CEO, National Law Tutors 1989 – 1996
  • Chairman, T Group 1986 – present day

Starting from a legal background, David’s entrepreneurial streak has seen him build a number of successful businesses, as well as advise others.

David is the former MD and owner of National Law Tutors which, in the year prior to being sold to Tolley’s in 1996, trained 7,500 lawyers. Since then David has been involved in the investment industry and, as Chief Executive of T Group, continues to act as a specialist investment adviser to private companies and pension funds.  For the last two years David has been developing the concept behind Lawyers Inc. with his fellow Directors. His extensive experience in the legal and investment sectors enables him to bring a fresh and alternative perspective to analysing how lawyers can operate more successfully in an increasingly competitive marketplace.  


Martyn Caplan


  • Lawyer, Qualified 1987

  • Partner, Pannone 1989 – 1992

  • Partner, Fruhman Davies Livingstones 1992 – 2013

  • CEDR Accredited Mediator 2007

Martyn was previously Head of Commercial Litigation at Fruhman Davies Livingstones. Prior to this he was Commercial Litigation Partner at Pannone LLP.

His 30 years’ experience as a practice lawyer has covered the entire spectrum of commercial litigation – including litigation of leading cases in the Court of Appeal, House of Lords and Arbitration proceedings.  His extensive experience dealing with commercial disputes and legal partnership disputes, has enabled Martyn to build a comprehensive understanding of the pitfalls and challenges of the legal profession and, with his fellow Directors, to design an innovative business model which they believe is the future of the legal profession.


Martyn Caplan Lawyers Inc Director
Alexandra Markiewicz Lawyers Inc Director

Alexandra Markiewicz


Before joining the Lawyers Inc. team, Alexandra previously practised as a lawyer at Liedekerke-Wolters Waelbrock & Kirkpatrick, Belgium and has extensive knowledge within the commercial and legal sectors.

Debbie Howard Lawyers Inc Director

Debbie Howard


Debbie has managed the administration of several national major companies in the legal and investment sectors. She has worked alongside David Tucker over the last 30 years and in that time has built up a wealth of experience in working with professional bodies.